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Borough Council Members

Term Expires

J. Douglas Doerfler, President 01/01/2020
Peter L. Waterkotte, Vice President 01/01/2022
Wayne Braffman 01/01/2022
Ethan Cramer  01/01/2020
Jamie Mallon 01/01/2022
Brenda Mercomes 01/01/2020
LaToya Myers 01/01/2022


Matthew W. Fetick

Borough Department Heads

Joseph C. Scalise Borough Manager
Karen L. Scherer Borough Secretary and Assistant to the Borough Manager
Randy Behmke
Director of Public Works
Lisa Ionata Finance Director
Russell H. Drumheller
Codes Enforcement Officer
Karen L. Scherer Open Records Officer.
William T. Holdsworth Chief of Police, Open Records Officer – Police Department Only