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Is Your Water Usage Too High?
You may think those little leaks in your bathroom don’t amount to a drop-in-the bucket. Not so, the sneakiest drip can be found in your bathroom toilet. Toilet tank leaks, almost undetectable to the naked eye, can add $75.00 or more to your quarterly water/sewer bill.

Take a few minutes a day to save tomorrow!

  • Check your toilet tank at least twice a year. (Toilet leak tablets available at the Borough office)
  • Turn the water off. Don’t let it run when you wash, brush your teeth, shave or wash your car.
  • Water your lawn in early morning—one inch a week is good for your grass.
  • Take shorter showers or a bath.
  • Run full loads of dishes and clothes.
  • Water plants, not the sidewalk.
  • Be smart, fix leaks.

Water and Sewer Connections

Water and Sewer Connections and Charges Water and sewer turn-ons and turn-offs are arranged by calling Borough Hall at (610) 444 6020 during normal business hours. We will also be happy to talk with you if you have a problem with your water and sewer bill and will check your home for possible leaks if that seems appropriate.
New or Additional Water and Sewer Connections. Anyone interested in connecting to the water and sewer system, or making plans to expand, or to convert existing properties connected to the water and sewer system should contact our department for instructions (610) 444-6020. Applications are available at Borough Hall.