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2022 Fee Schedule

Permit Review Submittal Guide

2021 Fee Schedule

2022 Fee Schedule
Resolution 2022-11 Establishing Updated Parking Rates 030922

Permit Applications

Building Permit -Required before a building is constructed, enlarged, altered or demolished. A person wishing to change the USE of a building must obtain a zoning permit from the Zoning Officer to insure the proposed change of USE complies with all Zoning Ordinances.

Contractor’s License – General * Plumbing * Electrical * Mechanical * Paving * Excavating * Security – All contractors are required to register with the Borough before any permits are issued. The contractor must supply a Certificate of Insurance with Borough named as Additional Insured, or a notarized affidavit of exemption from workmen’s compensation insurance and a Federal or State Identification Number. This is a yearly permit.

Electrical Permit -Any electrical wiring installed in a building or structure or any alteration of an existing electric wiring system. Installations of electric conductors and equipment within or on public and private buildings or other structures.

Heating and Air Conditioning Permit -Required for any work on HVAC. All installations must have Underwriters Inspection. Borough of Kennett Square inspector must be notified when work is started and completed.

PLUMBING PERMIT-Required before any work on a plumbing system may commence, including alteration to existing systems.

ZONING PERMIT -Required for any construction, installation or change in USE as governed by Borough Ordinances.

RESALE USE AND OCCUPANCY APPLICATION is a Borough of Kennett Square Ordinance which requires the issuance of an U&O for each change of use, change of occupancy, and/or change of ownership for any property in the Borough. Please attach a Rental Registration or Commercial Registration with the U & O if applicable.

Solar Installation Checklist - The Borough of Kennett Square commits to processing permit applications under normal operating circumstances for small rooftop solar PV systems (15 kW capacity or less)  within 3 business days, provided that all required information and materials regarding the proposal are included in the application."

Rental Registrationis required for any person wishing to rent a single-family, multi-family dwelling in the Borough. Upon receipt of completed application, inspection is done prior to the issuance. This is a yearly permit.

Commercial Registration- is required for person operating a commercial business in the Borough. Prior to the issuance of the Commercial Rental License, an inspection is done. This is a yearly permit.

Sign Permit  is required prior to any persons seeking to erect a temporary or permanent sign whether it being a resident or a business in the Borough. The permit must be reviewed by the Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) before any sign can be erected.

Vendor’s Permit – issued for daily, weekly, yearly or master vendor event.

Roof Permit
 is required for new, alterations or repairs.

Chicken Coop Permit

Amusement Permit

Outdoor Eating Permit

Application for Special Exception or Variance Under Zoning Ordinance or Appeal


Subdivision or Land Development Application

Street Opening Permit
- Needed when any work is to be done in the street or Right of Way (ROW) next to the street.

Fire Suppression Permit

HARB Application Packet

Banner Application - updated 1/29/2021
Dumpster & Pod Permit

Street Shade Tree Removal Request Application -
This form is required for the Shade Tree Commission to consider a request from a property owner to remove any tree, shrub or other woody plant, which is planted within ALL Borough right-of-ways.

Re-zoning Application      

2022 Special Event Application