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Borough Residents: A snow emergency is being enacted tomorrow, Thursday 2/18/2021 at 6:00 AM, due to the expected winter storm. The snow emergency will last until 6 PM (unless extended). Please remove all vehicles from the designated winter warning routes and snow emergency routes prior to the start of the snow emergency.

Snow Emergency Routes

Parking is prohibited on the following roads until the Snow Emergency has been lifted:

  • Birch Street, north side;
  • West Cedar Street, from Meredith Street to Union Street;
  • Cypress Street, both sides, except permit parking zones;
  • Meredith Street, west side, between State and Cedar Streets;
  • Race Street, between East State Street and East Cypress Street;
  • South Street, south side;
  • State Street, both sides;
  • Union Street, both sides;
  • Walnut Street, east side;
  • Linden Street, south side, from Broad Street to Willow Street;
  • Broad Street, both sides, from State to Cypress Street
  • North Willow Street, west side, between Linden Street and State Street;
  • Ridge Avenue, south side;
  • North Mill Road, from State Street to north Borough Line.

Winter Warning Routes 
When a Snow Emergency is declared the roads listed in the Winter Warning Route are included as well. 

  • North side (odd numbers) of the 200 and 300 blocks of E. Lin- den Street;
  • East side (even numbers) of the 100 block of N. Willow Street;
  • East side (even numbers) of the 700 & 800 blocks of S. Walnut
Emergencia de Nieve

El estacionamiento está prohibido en las siguientes carreteras hasta que se haya levantado la Emergencia de Nieve:

  • Birch Street, lado
  • West Cedar Street, ambos lados entre Meredith Street y Union
  • Cypress Street, ambos
  • Meredith Street, lado oeste, entre State Street y Cedar
  • Race Street, entre East State Street y East Cypress
  • South Street, lado
  • State Street, ambos lados.
  • Union Street, ambos
  • Walnut Street, lado
  • Broad Street, ambos lados, entre East State y East Cypress
  • North Willow Street, ambos lados, entre Linden y State
  • Ridge Avenue, lado
  • Mill Road, desde West State Street hasta el fin del
  • Linden Street, ambos lados desde Broad hasta Willow
Advertencia de Invierno
Cuando se declara una emergencia de nieve, también se in‐ cluyen las carreteras del “advertencia de invierno

  • Los bloques 200 y 300 de la calle E Linden. (lado norte)
  • El bloque 100 de la calle N. Willow (lado este)
  • Los bloques 700 y 800 de la calle S. Walnut (lado este)