Public Works




The South Walnut Street Neighborhood Improvements project area is located in the southeast corner of the Borough and includes the entire length of Walnut Street and Taylor Street south of South Street. Additionally it includes Chestnut Street and Southview Avenue between Walnut Street and Park Avenue.


The project will include repairing the roads, replacing curb and installing sidewalks on at least one side of each road in the project area.  Eight (8) existing lights will be replaced with energy efficient LED fixtures, making the neighborhood safer for pedestrians and motorists.

The installation of new sidewalks throughout the project area will create safe pedestrian connections to the many community facilities located in close proximity to the neighborhood. The Kennett High School, Kennett Area YMCA Community Pool, basketball courts, Legacy Fields and Senior Center are all located within walking distance of this neighborhood. The Urban Center Revitalization Plan identifies the need to address deteriorating sidewalk conditions in the older parts of the Borough, particularly when these conditions affect pedestrian safety.

The milling and resurfacing of Walnut, Chestnut, Taylor Streets and Southview Avenue will repair a large percentage of the roadway in this neighborhood. Taylor Street in particular has been identified as one of the streets in most need of repair in the Borough. The project area has almost no sidewalks in spite of its urban residential character.

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